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BSDvm partners with cloud leaders, including such providers as Amazon AWS, to deliver the topnotch BSD cloud servers on the best platforms around the world.
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Top BSD talents at your disposal. We are providing services since 2009 and we know what we are doing.
SSD drives, CPU and RAM intensive server instances, 10 Gigabit network connectivity. We have it all. You choose what you need.
Numerous cloud regions around the world. Forget about high latency. We got you covered!
I have been very happy with my @bsdvm virtual server in the cloud. It runs FreeBSD 10 & has been up for 45 days now w/o a problem.
Dan Allen
Very satisfied with @bsdvm so far. Painless setup and quick response time. #FreeBSD devs also get a special discount.
Hiren Panchasara
Why go Linux when you can have BSD, a real unix derivative (not that SysV rubbish). @NetBSD @bsdvm
Anthony C Howe